Beaver Programme









On Saturday the Distict held its Teddy bears hike and picnic.  Once the Beavers had arrived we sent off on a short hike from Bexon Lane, around the back of the camp site and then back up the hill to Bexon Lane.  Once back at Bexo Lane the Beavers and their teddy bears had a picnic. 






 On the third week of term we visited Tunstall Church.  As part of our Creative badge work we are looking at the different kinds of creativity in the church. 

We met Ann, who is a member of the Choir and an Organist.  She showed us how the organ works and played several pieces of music for us.  Ann also explained what it is like being part of the choir.

We met Margaret and Richard who talked to us about the bells and bell ringing.

Pat talked to us about the stained glass windows, the embroidery, the flowers and other art within the church.

The Beavers also did some rubbings from the carvings on the floor and furniture.






 14 Beavers attended the Group Activity Day.  During the day the Beavers did archery, shooting, go karting, used the revolving climbing wall, made some patterns using foam and paint and cooked sausages, pancakes, toast, marshmellows and bananas on the campfire.  The Beavers joined our Cubs and Scouts for this activity day and for the second time the Brownies from Tunstall joined us for the day.  The weather stayed dry and warmish and a good day was had by all.

 First paint your leaf then press on to paperVery colourful leaf patterns for Harvest

On our second week we made some leaf prints, in lovely bright colours.  These were made by painting the various leaves and placing them randomly or in patterns on sheets of paper.  We are giving our designs to Tunstall Church so that they can decorate the Church for Harvest.  We also wrote some harvest prayers.  We shall read one or two of the prayes at the Harvest Parade. 

On our first week back we started by reminding ourselves about Beavers by making Beaver masks.  We also did some colouring by making figures of ourselves to help with the register and also the lodge signs.  This term we are doing our Creative Badge and Challenge.

Welcome back.  We hope you enjoyed your summer break.  The Beavers started back on 10 September and it sounds like they all had enjoyable holidays, some of them far afield and quite a few went camping.  Some of the older Beavers have taken the first steps to joining Cubs by attending a Pack meeting or two at the end of the last term of this term.  We welcome some new Beavers this term, we hope they enjoy their first few weeks with us.   

We would just like to remind parents that the Beaver uniform is as follows:

  • Turquoise Beaver sweatshirt (this is essential as this is where the badges go)
  • Navy blue Scout activity trousers
  • Turquoise Beaver scarf (provided by the Group on investiture)
  • Maroon plastic woggle (provided by the Group on investiture)

The Beaver polo shirt is optional and may be worn in addition to and NOT instead of the sweatshirt

The Beaver baseball cap may be worn on outings but not to meetings.  Scouts no longer wear hats as uniform

Other items from the range may be purchased but the only essential items are the four listed above. 


During the this term (Autumn 2013)  we will be working on creative, musician and safety badges.

Watch out for details of the following activities:

Harvest parade

Fund raising film night

Trip out

Trip to a pantomime

Christmas party

Christmas good turn 

We would welcome parental help on the above activities.  If you are able to help please contact Rowan

We would just like to remind you that the subscription of £25 per Beaver is now due.  This subscription is paid at the beginning of each term (September, January and April).  This is used to pay the Headquarters capitation fee for each member for insurance etc.